Make It Matter Ministries exists in response to the disappointment, pain, and difficulties life throws at us. We are living in an age of unprecedented stress and uncertainty, leaving even the strongest of us feeling overwhelmed, fearful, and disconnected. Too often our REACTION can be emotional and ineffective. Anxiety, depression, substance use, overdose, and suicide are at all-time highs. It is time to RESPOND by finding effective ways to thrive!

Traditional therapy, rehabilitative services, and counseling can be effective ways to deal with the "baggage" we carry. However, once we have "unpacked" we often discover that our suitcases are empty and we lack what we need to sustain long-term change. Those of us who have been affected by addictions, grief, and loss are in desperate need of hope and healing! 


Life Coaching provides education, tools, and support we need to move forward! There is NO NEED to STRUGGLE ALONE! Together we tackle real-life issues - head-on! We focus on solutions - NOT problems.  YOU stay in the driver's seat - your coach helps navigate YOU to YOUR destination by providing information, encouragement and support for your journey. 

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